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коболевDear participants and guests!

Naftogaz group is happy to welcome you at the milestone 20th Oil & Gas 2017 International Trade Fair. This important event for our industry offers a perfect platform for professionals to exchange their experience. Since the previous trade fair, all of us have had many achievements to share with colleagues. Over the first nine months of 2017, Ukraine has managed to increase gas production by 3.7%, and we are entering this heating season with enough gas in our storage facilities to pass it flawlessly regardless of the weather thanks to joint efforts of all market participants.

Ukraine’s oil and gas industry has been changing briskly from year to year, becoming more advanced, competitive and efficient. Due to the liberalization of prices and the introduction of the European standards, our market has become attractive to the leading international companies, and the number of overseas representatives at the trade fair proves it.

We have many ambitious goals and difficult tasks ahead: to provide Ukraine with domestically produced gas, to retain and develop its transit potential, and to establish the market for energy-saving technologies and alternative energy. I wish you therefore inspiration, courageous ideas and resources to fulfill them.


Sincerely yours,
Andriy Kobolyev
Naftogaz group CEO


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