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коболевDear participants and visitors!

Naftogaz group is pleased to welcome you to the Oil &Gas 2018 International Forum. This event traditionally focuses on Naftogaz’s priorities such as economic modernization and the development of local manufacturing.

As a national company, Naftogaz understands the importance of encouraging Ukrainian suppliers of goods and services to become more competitive and successful.

Every year, Naftogaz purchases huge amounts of goods and services. This energizes the market and provides support for local manufacturers, primarily machine builders and related industries that supply turbines, pipes and construction services.

Naftogaz was one of the first companies to use the ProZorro e-procurement system and remains one of the biggest buyers via this system. Besides local companies, Naftogaz’s tenders are now open to leading manufacturers and suppliers from the US, the EU and China thanks to fundamental changes in the procurement system and the establishment of transparent and clear rules for all players.

International companies bring new technologies, knowledge and investments while contributing to the development of personnel, businesses and markets in the countries where they operate.

We have many challenges ahead, including the transformation of Naftogaz into a transparent and effective integrated national corporation which could serve as a role model and driver of economic growth in Ukraine.

We would like to thank all those attending this important event for our industry. We appreciate your support and value the professional experience you share. We believe that common values and a commitment to developing our country will help us achieve our most ambitious goals.


Andriy Kobolyev
CEO, Naftogaz of Ukraine NJSC

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