International Conference Oil & Gas

List of Participants 2018

  • BTK-TSENTR KOMPLEKT, Ukraine – supply of gas control equipment, gas meters, etc.
  • CHENGDU BRIGHT PDC BITS CO., China – manufacture of PDC bits
  • CHINA PETROLEUM TECHNOLOGY & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, China – international trading company for petroleum and petrochemical materials and equipment
  • ENERGOBUSINESS, Ukraine – weekly magazine about fuel and energy
  • EXPLORATION&PRODUCTION CONSULTING, Ukraine – a group of consultants highlighting the latest developments in the Ukrainian oil, gas, and power sectors
  • GAS OF UKRAINE, Affiliated company of NAFTOGAS OF UKRAINE, Ukraine – wholesale trade in natural gas
  • GOLDCARD SMART GROUP CO., China – smart utility solution provider
  • HEAT GROUP, Austria – solutions for gas pressure and flow control systems
  • HEILONGJIANG NORTH SHUANGJIA DRILLING TOOLS CO., China – development and manufacture of oil drilling tools
  • HONGHUA GROUP LIMITED, China – manufacture of oil exploration and development equipment
  • IVANO-FRANKIVSK NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF OIL AND GAS, Ukraine – higher education institution of 4th level of accreditation of oil and gas profile
  • KHARKIV MOROZOV MACHINE-BUILDING DESIGN BUREAU, Ukraine – design and manufacture of engineer equipment, nuclear work equipment, tracked vehicles, etc.
  • KIEVGAS, Ukraine – transportation (distribution) of natural gas to industrial, municipal and domestic facilities; performance of works related to continuous and accident-free gas supply to consumers, etc.
  • NAFTOGAZ OF UKRAINE, Gas supply company, Ukraine – supply, sale and purchase of natural gas
  • NAFTOGAZ TEPLO, Gas supply company, Ukraine – supply, sale and purchase of natural gas
  • NAFTOGAZ TRADING, Gas supply company, Ukraine – supply, sale and purchase of natural gas; wholesale trade in natural gas
  • NAFTOGAZ-ENERGOSERVICE, Affiliated company of NAFTOGAZ OF UKRAINE, Ukraine – implementation of projects to improve energy efficiency and use of renewable energy, energy services
  • NEFTERYNOK, Ukraine – weekly professional magazine
  • POLTAVA NATIONAL TECHNICAL YURI KONDRATYUK UNIVERSITY, Ukraine – higher education institution of 4th level of accreditation
  • PSYCHEA, Science and Technology Center, Ukraine – research of energy markets (in particular, oil and petroleum market) for the government and companies
  • RADMIRTECH, Ukraine – complex solutions for energy resource registration, management and accounting
  • SAMGAS, Ukraine – manufacture of gas measurement and metering equipment
  • SATURN DATA INTERNATIONAL CO., Ukraine – systems IT integrator offering communication and telecommunication, video surveillance systems; automated process control systems, etc.
  • SCIENTIFIC-RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY, Subsidiary enterprise of NAFTOGAZ OF UKRAINE, Ukraine – research and project support of hydrocarbon, oil and gas exploration and development, oil and gas storage, etc.
  • SHANDONG KERUI PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT CO., China – manufacture of oil equipment, integrated oilfield engineering services, oilfield EPC turnkey contracting
  • SHENGLI OIL FIELD FREET PETROLEUM STEEL PIPE CO., China – manufacture of oilfield casing and tubular goods, API couplings
  • STATE SCIENTIFIC-TECHNICAL LIBRARY OF UKRAINE, Ukraine – one of the main libraries of Ukraine
  • SUMYTRANSEXPEDITION, Ukraine – transportation of oversized and heavy cargos (CIS countries, Western Europe, and Asia)
  • SРСUЕ, Research and Production Association, Ukraine – manufacture of heat exchange, column, separation, capacitive, energy and other equipment
  • TIX CHINA VALVE CO., China – manufacture of ball valves applied for long transportation pipelines
  • UKRGASVYDOBUVANNYA, Ukraine – the largest gas production company in Central and Eastern Europe; natural gas and gas condensate production
  • VIKOIL, Ukraine – full range of services for acquisition, processing and interpretation of geological and geophysical data

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