List of Participants 2017

  • 3X ENGINEERING, Monaco - composite repair of industrial equipment
  • AIRFRANCE and KLM, representative offices in Ukraine - individual and corporate loyalty programs for airline passengers
  • ASER, Ukraine - services for utility metering dispatching, such as gas, water, heat and electricity
  • ASPRO, Ukraine - leader in the field of compressed natural gas
  • BTK-CENTER KOMPLEKT, Ukraine - supply of gas regulating equipment, gas meters, etc.
  • DEZHOU UNITED PETROLEUM TECHNOLOGY, China - oil production and drilling equipment
  • EKNIS-UKRAINE, Ukraine - design, assembling, supply and introduction of a wide range of equipment and automation aids for all branches of energy and industry
  • ENERGOBIZNES, Ukraine - branch magazine
  • ENERGY. OIL & GAS, Ukraine - an Internet portal about the fuel and energy complex and for the fuel and energy sector
  • HEAT-GAZGEP KFT, Hungary - equipment for oil and gas industry
  • HEBEI YONGSHENG PETRO-CHEMICAL MACHINERY MANUFACTURING, China - production of flange fasteners, supply of pipelines and pipe products
  • HEILONGJIANG JINGHONG PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING, China - development, manufacturing, sales and servicing of oil production equipment
  • HONGHUA GROUP, China - development and production of oil-exploration and oil-producing equipment
  • KERUINAFTOGAZTEH UKRAINE, Ukraine - production of oil equipment, engineering services, general contractor services
  • KIROVOGRADGAZ, Ukraine - works on the operation of gas supply systems; design, construction and repair of gas networks
  • KONOTOP ARMATURE PLANT, Ukraine - production of high-pressure steel pipe fittings, wellhead and fountain equipment, etc.
  • KONTAKT, Ukraine - design and manufacture of shut-off and regulating equipment for the gas industry
  • METAN-TECHNOSERVIS, Ukraine - compressor equipment
  • NAFTOGAZ OF UKRAINE, Ukraine - the leading oil and gas company in the energy sector of Ukraine
  • NANYANG CISK PETRO-MACHINERY, China - production of drilling rigs for drilling and workover of wells
  • NEFTERYNOK, Ukraine - information and analytical weekly magazine for oil and gas industry
  • NKEMZ, NVP, Ukraine - development and manufacture of three-phase asynchronous electric motors
  • OLEKSAN, Ukraine - manufacturing and supply of equipment for the stations of geological and technological research of wells
  • PLANT OF LARGE ELECTRIC MACHINES, Ukraine - production of synchronous, asynchronous and explosion-proof electric motors, DC machines
  • POLTAVA NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY n.a. YURIY KONDRATYUK, Ukraine - higher educational institution of the IV level of accreditation; training of oil and gas specialists
  • PSYCHEIA, NTC, Ukraine - information system, expert evaluation system, online monitoring and analysis of the Ukrainian fuel market, energy market news
  • PU YANG ZHONG YUAN RESTAR PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT, China - production of systems for drilling mud control and disposal, drilling rigs, etc.
  • ROSTOK, Ukraine - design, installation, import of cable heating systems, heating cables and their components
  • SAMGAZ, Ukraine - production of gas measurement and metering equipment
  • SATURN DATA INTERNATIONAL, Ukraine - one of the leading IT integrators in Ukraine
  • SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY, NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, Ukraine - scientific and project support of hydrocarbon deposits search, exploration and development of oil and gas fields, storage of gas and oil, etc.
  • SZHNO, NGO, Ukraine - design and manufacture of heat-exchange, separation, capacitive and power equipment
  • TECHNIСS, DRILLING ENERGY COMPANY, Ukraine - drilling of oil and gas wells, intensification of hydrocarbon inflow, overhaul, development and exploration of wells
  • THE ORIENTAL PRO-ENERGY CONSULTING ORGANIZATION (TOPCO), China - information support for oil and gas industry specialists through the organization of conferences, seminars, etc.
  • TORGINDUSTRIA, Ukraine - supply and repair of oil and gas equipment
  • TRIZ, ENGINEERING TASKS REALIZATION COMPANY, Ukraine - production and service in the area of dynamic equipment (compressor and pumping units)
  • VIKOIL, Ukraine - conducting of topographic-geodesic works and seismic surveys
  • WEIHAI SHIDAO HEAVY INDUSTRY, China - production of high pressure vessels of steel, titanium and nickel alloys
  • ZARYA-MASHPROEKT, NPK, Ukraine - production of gas turbine engines
  • ZHEJIANG CHINT INSTRUMENT & METER, China - system solutions and equipment for electricity metering

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