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Statistics 2015

Totals of Oil & Gas:

Total Trade Fair area

2592 sq.m
Exposition area 1954 sq.m
The number of registered visitors who filled in the registration card  3234 (including the participants of the Conference)
Total number of exhibitors 51 companies
national exhibitors 44 companies
foreign exhibitors 7 companies (from Austria, China, Hungary, The Netherlands, Poland)


Visitors according to regions %
Kiev and Kiev Oblast 45,38
Eastern Region 6,23
Western Region 19,80
Southern Region 7,51
Central Region 18,22
Foreign 2,86


Position structure of visitors %
Top executives 31,74
Key specialist / engineer 36,82
Average executives 31,44

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  • APLISENS, Group of Companies, Ukraine – control and measurement instruments
  • ARMAPROM, Ukraine – production of industrial valves
  • BTK-TSENTR KOMPLEKT, Ukraine – sale of gas control equipment, gas meters and their components, etc.
  • CADOGAN PETROLEUM PLC, Ukraine – gas exploration and production company
  • DP-SERVICE, Ukraine – drill bit recovery services 
  • DST LO GROUP, Ukraine – equipment for gas networks
  • ENERGOBUSINESS, Ukraine – specialized magazine
  • ENERGY.OIL&GAS, Ukraine – web portal for fuel and energy complex and about FEC
  • FABRIKANT.UA, Ukraine – electronic trading platform
  • GEOSYNTHESIS ENGINEERING, Ukraine – development, implementation and author's accompaniment of drilling and special fluids for well completion
  • HAFI ENGINEERING & CONSULTING GMBH, Austria – equipment for oil & gas industry
  • HEAT-GAZGEP KFT, Hungary – equipment for gas and oil industry
  • IMEST PLUS, Ukraine - sale of tools and equipment under TM RIDGID
  • INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING UKRAINE, Ukraine – engineering and manufacturing of process and power equipment in compliance with international and local standards 
  • IVANO-FRANKIVSK NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF OIL AND GAS, Ukraine – higher educational institution
  • KONOTOP VALVES PLANT, Ukraine – manufacture of high pressure steel pipeline valves, as well as wellhead and flowhead equipment, etc.
  • KURS, PCF, Ukraine – manufacturer of ultrasonic gas meters "Kurs-01"
  • METAN-TECHNOSERVICE, Ukraine – compressor equipment
  • MICROL, Ukraine – manufacture of control and measurement devices
  • MODERN PETROL STATION, Ukraine – information and analytical publication
  • NAFTOGAZ OF UKRAINE, Ukraine – leading enterprise of Ukraine's fuel and energy complex
  • NEFTERYNOK, Ukraine – information and analytical weekly
  • OILMARKET, Ukraine – international industry-standard monthly magazine in Russian and English aimed at the top and medium level management and experts of oil & gas industry
  • PKP-UKRAINE, Ukraine – wholesale of lubricants
  • POWER GROUP UKRAINE, Ukraine – wholesale of industrial and domestic electrical appliances, production of industrial filters and separators for cleansing light oil products, etc.
  • PROMPRYLAD, Ivano-Frankivsk Plant, Ukraine – equipment for oil and gas industry
  • PSYCHEА STC, Ukraine – consulting services, scenario forecasts of gas, oil and oil product markets 
  • REGION, Ukraine – services for oil and gas enterprises
  • ROSEN EUROPE B.V., the Netherlands – inspection, integrity and rehabilitation products and services
  • ROSTOK, Ukraine – industrial heating cable systems of industrial and construction purpose
  • SATURN DATA INTERNATIONAL COMPANY, Ukraine – construction of ACS, local area networks of any complexity and communication systems
  • SCIENTIFIC-RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY, SE of Naftogaz of Ukraine, NJSC, Ukraine – research and project support of hydrocarbon deposits searching, exploration and development of oil and gas fields, gas and oil storage, etc.
  • SENSI, Ukraine – high pressure compressors and gas fueling stations
  • SEVERODONETSK PLANT OF CHEMICAL AND UNSTANDARDIZED EQUIPMENT, Ukraine – production and sale of non-standard equipment
  • SHANDONG KERUI PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT CO., China – researcher, manufacturer and supplier of oil & gas equipment, as well as one of the most professional oilfield EPC general contractors
  • SHANGHAI SHENKAI PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT CO., China – development and manufacture of petroleum equipment
  • SLAVGOROD VALVE PLANT, Ukraine - production of industrial valves
  • SMITH UKRAINE, Ukraine – supplier of oil and gas equipment
  • SOYUZENERGO, Ukraine - manufacture of pipe fittings
  • SPETSSTAL GKM, Ukraine - metallurgical complex
  • STATE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL LIBRARY OF UKRAINE, Ukraine – scientific and technical literature, periodicals, normative and patent documentation
  • STCB INDUSTRIAL VALVES, Ukraine - industrial valves
  • TEPLOENERGOСOMPLEСT, Ukraine – construction, renovation, modernization, development and implementation of integrated automation and security systems in fuel and energy facilities
  • TERMINAL, Ukraine – edition dedicated to fuel and energy complex of Ukraine and abroad
  • TESTRITE LTD, Ukraine – design of autonomous LPG supply systems, gas equipment delivery, installation works, commissioning, etc.
  • UKRAINIAN ASSOCIATION FOR VALVES INDUSTRY, Ukraine – voluntary unification of 14 leading armature building companies and organizations of Ukraine
  • UKRAINIAN ENERGY, Ukraine – branch portal
  • UKRGAZKOMPLEKT ITC, Ukraine – equipment for oil and gas industry, control and measuring instruments
  • UKRNAFTA, Ukraine – development and production of oil, gas and gas condense fields 
  • VIKOIL LTD, Ukraine – seismic surveying
  • ZIGONG CEMENTED CARBIDE CORP., China –  manufacture of hard alloy, tungsten and molybdenum products, hard-faced materials and cutting tools



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