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Statistics 2016

Totals of Oil & Gas:

Total Trade Fair area

2478 sq.m
Exposition area 1804 sq.m
The number of registered visitors who filled in the registration card  3375 (including the participants of the Conference)
Total number of exhibitors 45 companies
national exhibitors 37 companies
foreign exhibitors 8 companies (from Austria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Hungary, Latvia, The Netherlands)


Visitors according to regions %
Kiev and Kiev Oblast 43,12
Eastern Region 6,75
Western Region 18,91
Southern Region 8,69
Central Region 17,89
Foreign 4,64


Position structure of visitors %
Top executives 33,17
Key specialist / engineer 36,75
Average executives0 30,08


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list of participants 2016

  • ARMATOM, Scientific Research and Informational Center, Ukraine – production of bellows and bellow assemblies used for the production of stop valves, control and safety pipeline valves, etc.
  • ARSENAL, Plant, State Enterprise, Ukraine – production of high-precision and reliable gas flow measurement devices
  • ASPRO, Ukraine – leader in compressed natural gas
  • ASTRO-SERVICE, Ukraine – provision of specialized services to oil & gas operators
  • CADOGAN PETROLEUM PLC, Ukraine – gas exploration and production company; gas trading
  • BTK-TSENTR KOMPLEKT, Ukraine – sale of gas control equipment, gas meters and their components, etc.
  • CONTACT, Ukraine – development and production of shut-off and regulating equipment for the gas industry
  • EKNIS-UKRAINE, Ukraine – designing, assembly, supply and implementation of a wide range of equipment and automation tools for energy sector and all the industry branches
  • ENERGOBUSINESS, Ukraine – specialized magazine
  • ENERGY.OIL&GAS, Ukraine – web portal for fuel and energy complex and about FEC
  • EQUALIZER INTERNATIONAL LTD, Great Britain – designer and supplier of innovative flange maintenance tools
  • FABRIKANT.UA, Ukraine – electronic trading platform
  • GAZINVESTPROEKT, OC, Ukraine – provision of high quality services and technologies in the oil and gas industry
  • HAFI ENGINEERING & CONSULTING GMBH, Austria – equipment for oil & gas industry
  • HEAT-GAZGEP KFT, Hungary – equipment for oil and gas industry
  • IMEST PLUS, Ukraine– tools and equipment for the installation and maintenance of pipes
  • INOIL-SERVICE, Ukraine – specialty lubricants for the oil and gas industry
  • IVANO-FRANKIVSK NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF OIL AND GAS, Ukraine – higher educational institution
  • KONOTOP VALVES PLANT, Ukraine – manufacture of high pressure steel pipeline valves, as well as wellhead and flowhead equipment, etc.
  • KRALOVOPOLSKA, a.s., Czech Republic – manufacture of devices and equipment for petroleum refining industry sector and chemical industry
  • KURS, SPE, Ukraine – manufacturer of ultrasonic gas meters 
  • METAN-TECHNOSERVICE, Ukraine – compressor equipment
  • MWDPLANET AND LUMEN CORPORATION, Canada – telemetry system for measurements and downhole data transmission to surface
  • NAFTOGAZ OF UKRAINE, Ukraine – leading enterprise of fuel and energy complex of Ukraine
  • NEFTERYNOK, Ukraine – information and analytical weekly
  • ORMA-OLIMP, Ukraine – equipment for oil and gas industry
  • PSYCHEА STC, Ukraine – consulting services, scenario forecasts of gas, oil and oil product markets 
  • REGION, Group of companies, Ukraine – provision of oilfield services
  • RG PETRO-MACHINERY GROUP, China - the drilling rigs
  • ROSEN EUROPE B.V., the Netherlands – inspection, integrity and rehabilitation products and services
  • ROSTOK, Ukraine – importer of heating cables ELTHERM (Germany)
  • SATURN DATA INTERNATIONAL COMPANY, Ukraine – one of the leading Ukrainian system IT integrators
  • SCIENTIFIC-RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY, SE of Naftogaz of Ukraine, NJSC, Ukraine – research and project support of hydrocarbon deposits searching, exploration and development of oil and gas fields, gas and oil storage, etc.
  • SENSI COMPRESSORS, Ukraine – high pressure compressors and gas fueling stations
  • TECHEXPERT BALTIC LTD, Latvia – manufacturer and supplier of sleeves for oil and gas pipeline repair
  • TEPLOENERHOKOMPLEKT, Ukraine – development and implementation of technology solutions in the oil & gas and energy complexes
  • UKRAINIAN ENERGY EXCHANGE, Ukraine – open platform for organization and conduction of exchange trading in energy resources
  • UKRAVTOHAZ, Subsidiary, Ukraine - gas sales through a network of CNG stations of automobile gas filling compressor stations all over Ukraine (at the exhibition stand of NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”)
  • UKRGASVYDOBUVANNYA, Ukraine - complete production cycle - upstream, mainly exploring of new petroleum and gas reserves and fields development, transportation (at the exhibition stand of NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”)
  • UKRGAZKOMPLEKT ITC, Ukraine – equipment for oil and gas industry, control and measuring instruments
  • UKRNAFTA, PJSC, Ukraine - development and production of oil, gas and condensed gas deposits (at the exhibition stand of NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”)
  • UKRTRANSGAS, Affiliated company of National Joint-stock company "Naftogaz of Ukraine", Ukraine - supply of natural gas to domestic consumers; natural gas transmission via Ukraine, etc. (at the exhibition stand of NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”)
  • UKRTRANSNAFTA, PJSC, Ukraine – operator of main oil pipelines systems of Ukraine (at the exhibition stand of NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”)
  • VIKOIL LTD, Ukraine – seismic surveying

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