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Statistics 2017

Totals of Oil & Gas:

Total Trade Fair area

2503 sq.m
Exposition area 1817 sq.m
The number of registered visitors who filled in the registration card  3428 (including the participants of the Conference)
Total number of exhibitors 41 companies
national exhibitors 30 companies
foreign exhibitors 11 companies (from China, Hungary, Monaco)


Visitors according to regions %
Kiev and Kiev Oblast 44.79
Eastern Region 6.83
Western Region 18.86
Southern Region 7.48
Central Region 17.22
Foreign 4.82


Position structure of visitors %
Top management 34.12
Key specialist / engineer 35.37
Middle management 30.51


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List of participants 2017

  • 3X ENGINEERING, Monaco - composite repair of industrial equipment
  • AIRFRANCE and KLM, representative offices in Ukraine - individual and corporate loyalty programs for airline passengers
  • ASER, Ukraine - services for utility metering dispatching, such as gas, water, heat and electricity
  • ASPRO, Ukraine - leader in the field of compressed natural gas
  • BTK-CENTER KOMPLEKT, Ukraine - supply of gas regulating equipment, gas meters, etc.
  • DEZHOU UNITED PETROLEUM TECHNOLOGY, China - oil production and drilling equipment
  • EKNIS-UKRAINE, Ukraine - design, assembling, supply and introduction of a wide range of equipment and automation aids for all branches of energy and industry
  • ENERGOBIZNES, Ukraine - branch magazine
  • ENERGY. OIL & GAS, Ukraine - an Internet portal about the fuel and energy complex and for the fuel and energy sector
  • HEAT-GAZGEP KFT, Hungary - equipment for oil and gas industry
  • HEBEI YONGSHENG PETRO-CHEMICAL MACHINERY MANUFACTURING, China - production of flange fasteners, supply of pipelines and pipe products
  • HEILONGJIANG JINGHONG PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING, China - development, manufacturing, sales and servicing of oil production equipment
  • HONGHUA GROUP, China - development and production of oil-exploration and oil-producing equipment
  • KERUINAFTOGAZTEH UKRAINE, Ukraine - production of oil equipment, engineering services, general contractor services
  • KIROVOGRADGAZ, Ukraine - works on the operation of gas supply systems; design, construction and repair of gas networks
  • KONOTOP ARMATURE PLANT, Ukraine - production of high-pressure steel pipe fittings, wellhead and fountain equipment, etc.
  • KONTAKT, Ukraine - design and manufacture of shut-off and regulating equipment for the gas industry
  • METAN-TECHNOSERVIS, Ukraine - compressor equipment
  • NAFTOGAZ OF UKRAINE, Ukraine - the leading oil and gas company in the energy sector of Ukraine
  • NANYANG CISK PETRO-MACHINERY, China - production of drilling rigs for drilling and workover of wells
  • NEFTERYNOK, Ukraine - information and analytical weekly magazine for oil and gas industry
  • NKEMZ, NVP, Ukraine - development and manufacture of three-phase asynchronous electric motors
  • OLEKSAN, Ukraine - manufacturing and supply of equipment for the stations of geological and technological research of wells
  • PLANT OF LARGE ELECTRIC MACHINES, Ukraine - production of synchronous, asynchronous and explosion-proof electric motors, DC machines
  • POLTAVA NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY n.a. YURIY KONDRATYUK, Ukraine - higher educational institution of the IV level of accreditation; training of oil and gas specialists
  • PSYCHEIA, NTC, Ukraine - information system, expert evaluation system, online monitoring and analysis of the Ukrainian fuel market, energy market news
  • PU YANG ZHONG YUAN RESTAR PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT, China - production of systems for drilling mud control and disposal, drilling rigs, etc.
  • ROSTOK, Ukraine - design, installation, import of cable heating systems, heating cables and their components
  • SAMGAZ, Ukraine - production of gas measurement and metering equipment
  • SATURN DATA INTERNATIONAL, Ukraine - one of the leading IT integrators in Ukraine
  • SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY, NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, Ukraine - scientific and project support of hydrocarbon deposits search, exploration and development of oil and gas fields, storage of gas and oil, etc.
  • SZHNO, NGO, Ukraine - design and manufacture of heat-exchange, separation, capacitive and power equipment
  • TECHNIСS, DRILLING ENERGY COMPANY, Ukraine - drilling of oil and gas wells, intensification of hydrocarbon inflow, overhaul, development and exploration of wells
  • THE ORIENTAL PRO-ENERGY CONSULTING ORGANIZATION (TOPCO), China - information support for oil and gas industry specialists through the organization of conferences, seminars, etc.
  • TORGINDUSTRIA, Ukraine - supply and repair of oil and gas equipment
  • TRIZ, ENGINEERING TASKS REALIZATION COMPANY, Ukraine - production and service in the area of dynamic equipment (compressor and pumping units)
  • VIKOIL, Ukraine - conducting of topographic-geodesic works and seismic surveys
  • WEIHAI SHIDAO HEAVY INDUSTRY, China - production of high pressure vessels of steel, titanium and nickel alloys
  • ZARYA-MASHPROEKT, NPK, Ukraine - production of gas turbine engines
  • ZHEJIANG CHINT INSTRUMENT & METER, China - system solutions and equipment for electricity metering


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